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Merry Christmas everyone… and just in case you didn’t know: Turns out, Sasha is actually the Virgin Marry.

A holiday sketch starring Sasha Grey, Brett Gelman, and Jon Daly.

Directed by David Guy Levy
Edited by Josh Schaeffer
Photography by Tom Arsenault
Sound by WDSMcGuigan
Wardrobe by Janicza Bravo
Manger by John Gleeson Connolly

Sasha playing Eminem’s love interrest in his latest video “Space Bound”

MTV and others are reporting that Sasha Grey was recruited by Eminem to play a major part in his latest music video “Space Bound”, the latest single off his triple-platinum “Recovery” album. They play a pair of star-crossed lovers, which relates to the lyrics of the Jim Jonsin-produced song. This of course not being the first music video starring Sasha, she already made appearances in The Roots’ “Birthday Girl” and Lee Scratch Perry’s “Pum Pum.”

She’ll also appear in at least three Hollywood films in 2011, including Skinny Dip, The Girl From the Naked Eye, and I Melt With You.

Sasha Grey Lands Major Role on Entourage

Sasha did it again and landed another chance to cross-over into the mainstream entertainment:

Adult crossover star Sasha Grey will star as herself in a series of episodes on the upcoming seventh season of HBO’s “Entourage.”

TVGuideMagazine.com reports that Grey will play the long-term girlfriend of “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier’s character Vince Chase.

Sasha Grey Promotes Animal Birth Control

In their latest move to get hot, young girls to strip down, PETA managed to recruit Sasha Grey to star in one of their latest ad campaigns promoting animal birth-control. I wont give them much credit though, since getting Sasha to shed her clothes doesn’t seem much of an accomplishment – after all, that’s what she does. Then again, an organization as fucked up as PETA and a girl who’s passion it is to get fucked kinda go well together, don’t they?

Anyway, enjoy their ad and the short interview she gives. And try not too laugh to hard at the “Too Much Sex Can be a Bad Thing” tag line :)